Carlisle Cullen and Rosalie Hale are giving Twihards all the feels. 

Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed reunited virtually on Friday, Aug. 21, marking one of the very first Cullen family reunions in quite some time. And even though nearly 12 years have passed since the first Twilight installment hit theaters, the love between this onscreen father-daughter duo is still bright as ever. 

“My favorite daughter!” Peter gushed as the former co-stars caught up on Instagram Live. “I wrote to Nikki today and I said, ‘You’re my favorite daughter. Don’t tell the others. You’re my favorite child.'”

“So whoever’s on this live chat, don’t tell the rest of the Cullen’s that she’s my favorite,” he teased. 

The pair then got to chatting about Peter’s new film, The Vanished, a thriller about a family road trip that takes a terrifying turn when their young daughter goes missing. Peter said multiple experiences with his own kids inspired the project, which he wrote and directed. 



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