Rocksteady promises more action to ensure an 'inclusive culture' at the studio

Arkham and Suicide Squad studio Rocksteady has issued a formal statement in response to allegations that it did not adequately address complaints of harassment and abusive behavior when they were made in 2018. The complaints came to light earlier this week when a copy of the complaint letter, which had been signed by ten of the company’s 16 women employed at Rocksteady at the time, was leaked to the Guardian.

The person who wrote the letter, who identified herself on YouTube as former senior writer Kim MacAskill, said that the studio’s response to the allegations of abuse was just “a company-wide seminar that lasted an hour … It felt that it was a just way for them to cover their arses.” Shortly after that, some of the signatories of the 2018 letter sent another one expressing support for studio management, which they said took “immediate action” to begin to address the problem.