Linda Nolan details sister Anne's struggle with chemo: 'Her body isn’t handling it well'

Linda and Anne Nolan revealed they were both battling cancer earlier this month and both are currently undergoing treatment. However, speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning, Linda explained her sister is struggling with her chemotherapy more than she is. She added the pair are both determined not to die and to beat the illness.

When asked by host Charlie how she was coping, Linda explained: “Right now I’m good.

“I’ve got certain side effects from the chemo, I’ve got pins and needles in my fingers and toes but it hasn’t been too bad.

“I think for me personally, I was traumatised losing my hair.

“At the time you feel like you’re being a little vain but I think everybody takes it differently.

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“For women, losing your hair can be a really traumatic thing, we’re not supposed to be going around bald.”

Linda continued: “But you know I’m good but Anne has really had it tough.

“Her body isn’t handling the chemo so well.

“We’re getting there, our sister Maureen moved in with Anne to look after her and I moved into my sister Denise, into her house, so she can look after me.”

In the campaign, Linda tells the public they should feel “absolutely safe in the hands of the NHS” and praised its “heroic work”.

She remarked: “The care I have received has been nothing short of exceptional.

“I know people up and down the country have had similar experiences of the heroic work the NHS and staff are doing to continue to deliver the vital care we all need, even as they deal with the ongoing pandemic.

“So, whilst it might seem daunting, it’s important people know they can feel absolutely safe in the hands of the NHS going in for treatments.”