How to clean a silver necklace

The most important rule is to wear silver jewellery as often as you can, because friction slows down the tarnishing process.

The more you adorn yourself in that pretty silver necklace, the more it will shine.

You could aim to have your special jewellery cleaned professionally about twice a year.

In the meantime, you can clean the jewellery at home in a few steps.

Ben Stinson, an expert from the UK’s leading Hatton Garden jewellers, Diamonds Factory says all you need to clean your jewellery at home is some hot water and washing up liquid.

That’s right, leaving your jewellery in a bowl of this mixture for 20 to 40 minutes will do the job.

If the jewellery is particularly dirty, you might want to leave it for even longer.

Mr Stinson recommends cleaning diamonds with vodka, in order to dissolve the dirt attached to the diamond.