Meet the Model Agency That Is Redefining Beauty in the Fashion Industry

True beauty always comes from being yourself.

When it comes to fashion runways and photo shoots, some Americans may be used to seeing a familiar look from models. But in recent years, one talent agency has been working to increase the representation of people in such spaces.

Established in 2017, Zebedee Management was created to help give young people and adults with disabilities and visible differences the opportunity to shine on a bigger platform.

“Our mission is to increase the positive representation of these models in fashion, advertising and wider media,”co-director Zoe Proctor shared with E! News. “We are part of the #inclusionrevolution.” 

Since its launch, the agency has given their models opportunities to be part of campaigns with Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Hollister Co. and many other brands. And while each photo shoot has given the model a new sense of confidence, it also has inspired consumers around the world.