Donald Trump heartbreak: US President’s brother ‘seriously ill’ in New York hospital

Donald Trump visited his brother as he received care in Manhattan on Friday. In a statement, the White House announced Robert Trump had been taken ill, but did not detail what he’s suffering from.

In March of this year Robert Trump married Ann Marie Pallen, his long-term partner.

Trump was pictured wearing a mask to protect from COVID-19 as he went into the hospital to visit his brother.

The president tweeted: “Just landed in New York to see my brother, Robert.

“We’re going for New York on November 3rd.

“We’re going to Reduce Taxes, Increase Law Enforcement, and bring it back BIG TIME!”

Speaking to reporters earlier he said: “I have a wonderful brother, we’ve had a great relationship from day one.

“He’s in hospital right now but hopefully he’ll be alright.

“He’s having a hard time.”

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However, publication was eventually allowed to proceed.

Mary is the daughter of Donald Trump’s elder brother, Fred Trump Jr, who died aged 43 in 1981 after struggling with alcoholism.

Donald Trump has repeatedly cited this experience to explain why he chooses not to drink.

According to Mary no other member of the Trump family visited Fred Jr on the night he died.

Robert Trump has been an outspoken supporter of his brother’s political ambitions.

Speaking ahead of the 2016 presidential election he said: “I support Donald one thousand per cent.”

Robert Trump has been closely involved with the family business and used to manage real estate held by the Trump Organisation outside of Manhattan.

In June of this year he spent ten days in an intensive care unit at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Mr Trump is being challenged by Democrat Joe Biden for the US presidency.

Mr Biden recently announced Kamala Harris, a California senator since 2017, is his running mate.