Angela Rayner shut down by GMB’s Sean Fletcher over Labour’s exam solution 'It's worse!'

As for what the Labour party think the Conservative government needs to do to rectify the situation, Ranyer explained: “We believe the government needs to go back to the teacher-awarded grades, it’s the only option they have got, which is what the Scottish government decided they needed to do. 

“It’s not perfect but it’s fairer than what is currently happening.” 

Fletcher pointed out: “If you go back to the teacher grades, we know there is going to be a 12 percent increase – that’s not fair on pupils in future years and pupils who did A-Levels last year and the year before. 

“It’s not fair for someone along the line – and at the moment pupils of this current year are complaining, but you’re only going to be making it worse for other people!” The GMB presents argued.