Hand luggage: How to beat 100ml liquid rules on any airline with this secret trick

Airlines allow you to take liquids onboard the flight as long as each item is within the 100ml limit. This also applies to gels and aerosols but does not apply to checked luggage. This rule can often see expensive products being seized at security, leaving fliers without their toiletries or drinks. This rule hasn’t always been around and it has only been introduced in the last 14 years and frequent travellers have taken to Reddit to explain how to beat this rule.

The frequent traveler explained that they did this because travel size products can often cost a lot more money and creates a lot of unnecessary plastic.

They then explained how they would pack two of the same item in different bottles to beat the 100ml rule.

This still complies with the liquid regulation as each item has to be within the limit, meaning you can have multiple as long as they fit into a small clear bag.

Another Reddit user explained: “Buy your products on the airside. This way you can buy as many as you want and won’t have to wait for security to check your liquids.”

Boots is a health and beauty retailer that is often in most airports.

You can purchase your toiletries at these stores once you get through security and this way you won’t have to stick to the 100ml limit.

You can also Order & Collect at your designated airport terminal to ensure that you do not miss out on any essentials.

The website says: “You can pick up an Order & Collect delivery from a Boots airside airport store (after security), but please be aware that you need to place your order at least three days before you fly.

“Please choose the day of your flight as the day of collection. It’s also worth remembering that some orders may not be suitable to pass through security.

“Please see your airport’s website for more details on restrictions and regulations.”

Travellers can also purchase toiletries at their destination if they did not want to carry them onboard a flight.

Sometimes when pressurised, certain items can explode and cause a mess so picking them up at the other end of the flight may be more suitable for some passengers.

source: express.co.uk