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How much water does it extract after going through a regular washer?

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How much water does this machine extract after going through a rinse cycle of a regular washer?Please check out the video.Edit 11/13/10: I’ve been asked how much water this spin dryer extracts. The red Ziploc container I use fills up on a larger load. The container is 32 ounces.Also, a tip I’ve found that helps is to close and lock the dryer before it’s plugged in. I know it seems like common sense, but I have plugged it in first and then closed and locked, and for some reason it seems to shake more. Also, I’ve unlocked it before it stops and it seems to shake more. It’s a good measure in my opinion, to lock and then plug, and then unplug and then unlock. Some may still have more common sense than me on this issue, but I’m just trying to help the people who have made the mistake as me. Anyway, peace out, and have a good one.Edit 03/10/12: as for the brake issue. My brake has never worked, as I wasn’t even aware there was one. Another poster made an excellent video review on the newer version, and the brake does work. I wish I knew of this, as I would have sent it back immediately. If there are any suggestions on how to fix the brake, please post a comment below.Edit: 11/25/12: Spin dryer still works very well, but the brake issue annoyed me. The model I’ve had for 3 years still extracts water like a champ. I bought the newer model (picture comparison posted), and it is a lot less noisy and seems to take a little more time (20 seconds or so) to get to the speed where it extracts water like the older model did. The lid is nicer because you can see what’s going on, but the metal lid seemed sturdier. I really prefer the metal lid. Also, the company contacted me in the comments, about making sure the clothes are evenly distributed. Of course I knew that, but it was too frustrating. With the newer machine, I have a lot less shakes and a lot less noise (most times no movement whatsoever). A definite improvement in having the machine gradually speed up, but I have to say I prefer the metal lid. Overall though, the newer spin dryer is nicer, and is a step in the right direction. I purchased the machine at the company’s website. It ended up being about fifteen dollars less. If I remember correctly, they don’t charge tax.

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