The UN Decolonization Committee, or C24, unanimously approved a resolution yesterday calling on the UK and Argentina to resume negotiations. The committee said that it would allow a peaceful and definitive solution to the sovereignty controversy over the Falkland and South Georgia islands. 

It was backed by all Latin American countries in the C24 which include Chile, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela. 

It comes as Buenos Aires was set to hold talks with Britain this month in their bid to claim sovereignty while placing sanctions on illegal fishing in the South Atlantic.

Reacting to the UN decision, Felipe Solá, Argentina’s Foriegn Minister stressed that the “the recovery of full sovereignty exercise over the Malvinas is a State policy and a strong feeling of the Argentine people”

He added that the C24 manifestly recognizes the existence of a sovereignty dispute and called on Argentina and the UK to dialogue stressing that “our country once again iterates its standing willingness to negotiate”.


At the same time, Argentina passed two laws which created a National Council for Affairs relative to the Malvinas Islands. 

Argentina says that it would be a “a plural initiative which will help to outline and sustain State policies in the mid and long term”. 

Speaking in Argentina’s Congress, Eduardo Valdés, head of Argentina’s Foreign Relations Committee said that the creation of the council “exposes that for Argentina the only conceivable avenue to champion a space that belongs to 44 millions of Argentines is the peaceful and diplomatic ones.”

The UK claimed the Falklands 187 years ago and won a war over the territory in 1982. 

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Meanwhile, Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez has insisted that he will not agree to British demands to give up sovereignty claims for the Falklands.

He added: “The United Kingdom is usurping Argentine lands and we are not going to give in on that.”



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