BBC announced Death in Paradise is back filming its tenth season and with it comes a whole host of changes – not only to the storylines – but the cast too. Shyko Amos revealed she would no longer be part of the hit show, therefore, could Ruby Patterson’s death play out on screen when the popular comedy returns early next year? 

After bringing law, order and joy to the streets of Saint Marie, Ruby is set to depart the sandy shores. 

During the space of two series, the character has been embroiled in some major storylines. 

But it seems her biggest could now be her death. 

Surely, the Death in Paradise writers will address Ruby’s departure in one way or another, and it could perhaps be in a missing person’s case or even a murder. 

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Maybe a similar thing will occur for Ruby? Unless the writers send the character off on a boat to ensure the possibility of a return in the future. 

Shyko has not directly addressed why she has left the role of Ruby, but she did tell fans about initially joining such a big production. 

“It was really nerve-wracking coming after Danny [John-Jules],” she said. 

“This was my first big job, I didn’t know what I was doing really onscreen.” 



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