Eamonn Holmes forced to host This Morning without Ruth: 'Not sure I want to join you!'

Eamonn Holmes, 60, and Ruth Langsford, 60, usually begin the show sat or stood next to one another as they tell ITV viewers what’s coming up on the programme. However, they were separated for Wednesday’s edition of This Morning as the latter could be seen enjoying herself in her ‘woman’s cave’. This was to tease an upcoming segment about the latest summer trends and women making a stand against men only being able to have somewhere to relax at home. The host’s husband was shocked as she then said she was going to stay in the shed for the rest of the episode, possibly leaving him to present solo.

Following the opening titles, Eamonn was seen sat on his own as he told viewers: “I hear you saying. ‘It’s a bonus, it’s Eamonn on his own today’.

“Unfortunately not. I do begin today though, without my wife who is in her favourite place, it turns out, doing her favourite thing.”

The camera then panned to Ruth in the shed on the other side of the studio as she said: “Look at this Eamonn. I’ve got my SheShed at last.

“I’ve been wanting one of these things for ages,” she continued, before explaining what was in the ‘woman’s cave’ with her.

The host then declared: “I’m not sure I want to come out and join you for the rest of the show, actually.”

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“I’m very happy in here,” Ruth continued, with Eamonn adding: “You’re not alone. Lots of people have been getting in touch.

“A shed you would’ve thought was a man’s preserve but no, not any more,” he said, before going on to read out some viewers reaction to the idea.

“Why would you want to escape the four walls of our house, though?” the host asked his wife who was enjoying a beverage.

“Well, I just thought I might give you a chance to get in the kitchen because you said I don’t let you do anything in the kitchen,” she explained.

Another added: “Looking forward to this segment. I have my own wee Summerhouse Shed which I chill out in too.”

“#ThisMorning Why ‘She Shed’? What’s wrong with ‘Lady Cave’? It’s much easier to say for a start. #ManCave @thismorning,” a third commented.

A fourth asked on the social media platform: “I mean, you can’t call a shed a woman cave, can you? #ThisMorning.”

On Tuesday’s edition of the programme, the husband and wife duo also got into a conversation about taking care in your appearance.

“I think men are more confident in themselves and women are open to that criticism – they’re more susceptible to it,” Eamonn opined.

“I think men just can’t be bothered to keep changing their look and to go shopping,” Ruth shared before her husband asked why she liked to post boomerangs on Instagram waving her dresses about.

The presenter replied by telling her other half he could do one just as easily and filmed her co-host posing in his suit.

Taking to the social media platform, the Loose Woman star posted the clip for her followers to view of her spouse’s first boomerang.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

source: express.co.uk