BBC Breakfast viewers rage as Schools Minister dodges multiple questions – 'Clueless!'

The Government has confirmed that all schools in England will reopen in September this year. However, the decision to end school closures has sparked concern among pupils, parents and staff over whether certain coronavirus precautions will be possible. Schools Minister Nick Gibb spoke to BBC Breakfast about the policy, but prompted online outrage as he failed to clearly answer many of the questions.

Steve Hyett tweeted about the interview: “Nick Gibb blustering and not answering questions on BBC Breakfast. How do these people sleep at night? Would it kill them to honest for once?”

Rob was equally unimpressed: “Dear me, Schools Minister Nick Gibb making it up as he goes along re: schools reopening. Pie in the sky.”

One user wrote: “Nick Gibb totally clueless and out of his depth, wittering and babbling around the issues, and ultimately saying nothing.”

Another added: “Nick Gibb, of course, with awful predicability, fails to answer the question.”

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Kerry Hooper agreed: “Nick Gibb tried to fob Charlie Stayt off with the usual – we are investing deflection answer – Charlie didn’t have any of it as it was a repeat money offering. Nick not happy!”

She also tweeted: “Nick Gibb tells us the Government won’t support any head teachers who want to use face masks in schools for kids & teachers. My kids won’t be back! Mandatory masks in shops but not schools. How do teachers feel about this?”

Ellie mocked the minister: “Nick Gibb says he is following the scientific guidance but chooses to ignore the bits of science that do not fit his script.”

Kathy wrote: “Nick Gibb says a lot but ultimately doesn’t have a clue.”

The education minister told the BBC: “Schools will be open in September, including in Manchester, notwithstanding the restrictions.

“We’re moving away from the national decisions about pubs versus schools.

“What we’re saying is all schools will be open in September for all pupils.

“When we impose new restrictions, they’ll be locally imposed and they’ll depend on the local circumstances.

“So far as the local restrictions at the moment are concerned, all schools should be open in September.”