ITV aired another repeat episode of The Chase which saw Rachael, Ross, Phoebe and Joe go head to head against Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan. While many fans spotted the Friends similarity with the player’s names, others saw Bradley Walsh alter the rules of the game to allow an answer given by Ross during his cashbuilder. 

Joe was up first and after answering three questions correctly, he returned and pocketed £3,000 for the jackpot. 

Phoebe did not follow suit, and while she answered one more question that Joe, she failed to get back safely. 

When it was Ross’ turn to stand opposite the podium, viewers saw Bradley alter the amount of correct answers he gave. 

He initially had £3,000, but Bradley revealed: “Although you did answer a question earlier on in the cashbuilder… 

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With Joe and Ross the only two in the final, they had to rack up an impressive step score if they hoped to beat Jenny. 

With 18 ahead, the game was on, and after a few wrong answers, The Vixen was left stumbling. 

Six answers were incorrect from the Chaser, giving the team the chance to pushback. 

But they only executed three. 



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