Yasmin Monet Prince, a New Action Heroine

Name: Yasmin Monet Prince

Age: 21

Hometown: London

Now lives: Ms. Prince lives with her family in a townhouse in Sydenham, a leafy suburb of London.

Claim to fame: Ms. Prince is a rising British actress known for her role in “Hanna,” an action drama on Amazon Prime Video that returned for its second season in July. Her character, Clara, is a super-soldier who escapes from a secret lab at the end of Season 1 and returns as a leading force in the show’s story line. Ms. Prince has a history of playing action roles including her parts in “Dark Heart” a crime series, and “Nocturnal,” a crime thriller. “I really enjoy the physical and emotional challenge these roles offer me,” she said.

Big break: Ms. Prince was involved in musical theater since 9, and at 14 landed spots at both the Shakespeare’s Globe youth company and the BRIT School of Performing Arts. After graduating in 2016, Ms. Prince starred in “Ellen,” a film produced by Britain’s Channel 4, about a troubled teenager being raised in a broken, single-parent home. “It was massive because it was my first TV project ever, and it was a lead role,” she said.

Latest project: The second season of “Hanna” was filmed throughout Europe, including London, Barcelona, and Paris, which contributed to both personal and professional growth. While in Barcelona, the cast and crew found themselves confronted with the 2019 Catalan protests seeking independence from Spain, which shut down production temporarily. “We were never in any danger, but on the first night it was kind of scary because of the fires I could see from my hotel room,” Ms. Prince said. “The whole production side was a roller coaster of fun, pressure — being stuck in a really big role — and challenges as well.”

Next thing: Because of the pandemic, Ms. Prince doesn’t have anything lined up at the moment. However, she is using her spare time to stay creative by writing improv scenes for herself. “I’ve discovered that I like to write,” she said. “I can pretend like I’m in these scenes and return to acting everyday.”

Role models: Ms. Prince is a big fan of Naomie Harris and Michaela Coel. “Naomie Harris has such range and is such a great actress,” she said. As for Ms. Coel, she added: “She’s such a brilliant writer, director, and actress. She’s a genius and I would love to one day be in the same room as her, to just create something. Anything.”

source: nytimes.com