Hair loss treatment: The fruit-based oil that could help with significant hair growth

There’s an inexpensive treatment, readily available, you may want to consider buying in a bid to get your hair in its best condition. Here’s what the research says about a specific fruit-based oil.

Cited in the National Library of Medicine, researchers from Tsukuba Research Laboratories, Japan, investigated what can be done to encourage hair growth.

The team built their investigation on prior research that declared “grape seeds possess growth-promoting activity” by stimulating “anagen induction in hair cycle progression”.

The hair growth cycle

Philip Kingsley – a trichologist specialist brand – detailed the three stages of hair growth.

Then it’s the telogen phase, where the resting hair strand is released and falls out.

The hair follicle then remains inactive for three months, before the whole cycle is repeated.

Citing prior research, the team from Tsukuba Research Laboratories recognised grape seed has been shown to encourage the anagen hair growing phase.

Wanting to explore this notion further, they gave shaven mice grapeseed oil as a scalp treatment and tonic.


In both applications of grapeseed oil, the researchers observed significant hair growth.

Philip Kingsley noted: “Hair loss, hair thinning and problems with hair growth may occur when your growth cycle is disrupted.”

This is said to be triggered by “metabolic imbalances, illness or improper nutrition”.

Historically, it’s repeated that grape seeds were seen as a worthless byproduct of the wine- and juice-making industries.

Ridley added: “Patience in seeing results is necessary, and consistency is key.”

A research team from TRI Princeton claimed that grape seed oil could be considered to be a natural conditioning agent.

Their work was published in the National Library of Medicine Journal, which added that people can take advantage of grape seed oil to also fight frizz.

As a lightweight oil, the moisturising agent can condition the hair strands without making the hair appear oily.

You can apply it topically to the hair, or a few drops can be added to your hair conditioner.