Flights: Passengers demand new type of mask onboard after one traveller's ‘nightmare’ move

While hygiene measures have been ramped up on airlines around the world in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems some passengers are still forgetting some basic cleanliness etiquette rules. Travellers on a recent flight were left appalled after witnessing the actions of one of their fellow fliers.

The “disgusting” incident was captured on camera by the person sat in the row behind the culprit and has sparked conversation around a need for even more regulations onboard.

A photograph showing the “nightmare” situation was shared to Instagram account @PassengerShaming where it garnered over 200 comments in just two days.

The image shows what appears to be an economy cabin onboard an aircraft, where one passenger has made themselves a little too much at home.

While the passenger’s face remains unseen, it seems another part of their body was very much on display.

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Another vented their frustration at the behaviour, stating: “People need to start being called out and shamed loudly.”

With such hyper-focus currently on cleaning aircraft and maintaining hygiene, many passengers pointed to face mask regulations and asked why the same type of regulations aren’t in place for other body parts.

“We been needed some feet masks,” wrote one passenger.

Others were quick to point out that “feet masks” actually did exist, and should be worn at all times when in the cabin.

“Feet masks are socks!!!! Please wear them!!!” demanded one traveller.

Another said: “‘Feet masks’ exist…. they’re called shoes! For the love of all that is holy, wear them!”

Bare feet being spotted on aeroplanes has been a source of contention for years, though following the deadly virus, minimising contacting is vital in ensuring physical wellbeing.

“And people look at me when I disinfect everything,” said one user, suggesting this is the exact reason they are so conscious of germs.

Many airlines are now enhancing cleaning on board, disinfecting planes after every flight and then deep-cleaning aircraft ever 24 hours.

However, passengers are also being encouraged to do their bit – whether that is wearing a face mask for travel or indeed, as some travellers have suggested, by keeping their socks on.

Professor Luke O’Neill from The School of Biochemistry & Immunology, Trinity College Dublin has been working with Irish airline Ryanair and explained why such cleanliness measures are important.

He said: “It’s not about you really, it’s stopping you from spreading it to someone else.

“So there’s a wonderful community aspect to this.”