The next two episodes of The Last Wave are released today (August 1) on BBC iPlayer for fans of the supernatural surfing drama to enjoy. Viewers have been left captivated by its beautiful locations in the south of France so here is everything to know about where it was filmed and set.

Where is The Last Wave set?

French mini-series The Last Wave follows a group of surfers who disappear after a mysterious cloud comes over them when they’re surfing.

Disappearing off the grid, they then return a few hours later, unharmed but with strange new powers.

The series is set in a quiet seaside resort called Brizan, which is a fictional town created for the show.

However, the area is in the real-life region of Landes in south-western France.

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Located in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Landes are known for their beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.

Full of sand dunes and impressive waves, the area is popular among surfers who flock there each year.

The area is also particularly known for its Côte d’Argent beach, which is Europe’s longest stretch of beach.

This reaches from Soulac-sur-mer down to Anglet, across the regions of Gironde, Landes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

The commune is popular with tourists, especially surfers and swimmers, who head to the region in summer.

The village can be seen in many of the shots in the new series, including the long stretch of beach and the houses of the village.

The lighthouse in Contis also makes an appearance in the show and is unique for being situated surrounded by trees.

The Last Wave is currently airing weekly on BBC iPlayer for fans of supernatural dramas to enjoy.

Episodes three and four air on Saturday, August 1 at 9pm and 9.55pm on BBC Four.

The series will then come to an end next Saturday, August 8 at 9pm and 9.50pm.

All of the episodes are made available to stream on BBC iPlayer after they have been released live.

The official synopsis for the show reads: “In Brizan, a quiet seaside resort in the french Landes, everything changes with the arrival of the first wave.

“Like a tsunami, [it] will cause the disappearance of surfers and disrupt the intimate life of the inhabitants.”

Among the cast of the show are David Kammenos as Ben Lebon, Marie Dompnier as Lena Lebon and Arnaud Binard as Julien Lewen.

Other stars in the show include Lola Dewaere, Isabel Otero, Guillaume Cramoisan and Capucine Valmary.

The Last Wave continues tonight on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer.



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