Jeffrey Dean Morgan wife: Who is The Walking Dead star married to?

Morgan posted about his nuptials on his Instagram page at the time, sharing a monochrome snap of his family with his 3.3 million followers.

He captioned the image: “Ok. A few words… It was an intimate ceremony… performed by @jensenackles and @bigbaldhead with our kids at our sides… and the party of the century afterwards… thank you to all our friends and family.

“It was, without a doubt… the best day of our lives. Ever ever. Just never knew that it could be so damn perfect. It was. And more. Xxxxjd.”

Back in May, Morgan also posted on social media to mark his first wedding anniversary with Burton.

Along with a selfie of the pair, he wrote: “Happy mamas day, AND anniversary! Mamaversary Day.

“There really are no words. I’ve tried so many times in the last 11 years to find em. I can’t. No words can do justice to someone that kinda swayed into my world… turned it upside down for the best… and is the greatest partner and mom a fella could ever dream up.

“So… I’m just gonna acknowledge your magical self… and how lucky we three are. We just love you more than life… and I will continue, looking forever, to find those words that thus far seem to not exist. We love you @hilarieburton. Happy mamaversary day. Xxxxjdgusy&George.”

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will be airing on October 4 on AMC and later on FOX UK