YouTube Star Nicole Thea Honored With Balloon Release 2 Weeks After Her Death

What should have been a day of celebration for YouTube star Nicole Thea is now a day of mourning for her friends and family. 

Two weeks after Nicole and her unborn child passed away, dozens of her loved ones gathered Wednesday to honor the pair and celebrate her 25th birthday with a balloon send-off.

Nicole’s boyfriend, musician Global Boga, was among those who participated in the balloon release. He documented the event on Instagram, writing, “Baby girl my Shawty my Queen, I have a lot to say, a lot on my mind & no one on this planet can understand what I am going through in my life. The pain can’t be explained… All the plans we HAD, all the plans I HAD. all the nights we laughed, all the vibes we had.” 

Boga’s band, Ghana Boyz, shared their own tribute to Nicole, which read, “Death can only take you away from us, but it can never take the precious bond and memories we made together. Dear QR2, wishing you floods of happiness in heaven. Though sad to know that you’re no more, I feel happy because I strongly believe you’re having so much fun in heaven.”


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