Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ stunned as wife 'talked him down' after show move went wrong

Chris Evans, 54, admitted his wife Natasha, 39, was calmer than he was when they decided it is probably best not to jet off to Portugal for four weeks in August, to broadcast his Virgin Radio show from the hot, sunny beaches. It comes as travel to various countries resumes during the coronavirus crisis, but the pandemic has made more travellers wary.

“Anybody else not going anywhere for the summer?” he giggled, laughing at the situation because – what else can we do?

He started to explain how he was meant to be taking his ever popular digital show to the Algarve: “So, we were due to do the show from Portugal on Monday for four weeks but now we’re just going to do it from here for four weeks, which is fine,” he reassured.

“I’m completely cool with that, my wife is very zen with it all!”

He revealed he had his concerns that Natasha would be upset about not swapping the British countryside for palm trees and blue sky this year, but he was surprised when she handled the situation well.

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It worked a treat and he admitted he “much preferred” to do his show from there rather than in the news studio in London.

He said: “Portugal’s the place to go.

“It’s a two and half hour flight, it’s great.”

He added how he enjoyed running through the sprinklers to cool down before he tuned into work.