When Virgin Media customers usually receive an email about the annual planned price rise for their contracts, it’s never good news. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a habit of putting up costs every October, but it seems this year will be very different.

A number of users have started to receive messages from Virgin Media confirming that prices aren’t schedule to rise this year. In the email, seen by Express.co.uk, Virgin Media tells subscribers: “Let’s get to it: after the last four months, and the uncertainty of what’s ahead, there’s no more business as usual. That’s why we aren’t raising your price this year as we normally would.

“This means the price you pay for your current package right now will stay the same for the rest of 2020. There are no catches, and there’s nothing you need to do. In the meantime, we’ll keep investing in our network and doing all we can to make sure you stay connected.”

Previous years have seen monthly broadband, phone and TV costs increasing by around £3 a month, so this will be a welcome relief to anyone who pays for Virgin Media’s services. Last year, the increase was higher than average. Virgin Media asked customers for an additional £3.30 each month, although the ISP confirmed that some customers would have to pay as much as £4.50 more on every bill. That’s £54 more a year.

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It’s currently unclear if all customers are being treated to the price freeze, however, it seems Virgin Media is slowly confirming its decision with customers over email. So, if you are a TV or broadband customer, it might be worth checking your inbox right now to see what’s happening to your contract.

News of the price freeze comes as Virgin Media announced a swathe of changes to its broadband service, including longer 18-month contracts aimed at saving customers money and ultrafast Gig1 fibre broadband which is now arriving in more areas of the UK.

Virgin is also now making its 500Mbps broadband available to broadband-only customers. Until now, those looking for these blisteringly-fast broadband speeds needed to subscribe to the premium Ultimate Oomph bundle.

Finally, if you have splashed out on Ultimate Oomph Virgin is boosting your broadband speeds from M500 to M600 at no extra cost when the speed tier becomes available.

That means you’ll be able to download a movie in around one minute.

“We’re adding the racing stripes to our entire bundle line-up by making our M500 Fibre broadband available with all of our packages,” said Jeff Dodds, Virgin Media’s Chief Operating Officer. “It means our customers can live life in the fast lane and do everything they want online.”

source: express.co.uk


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