Schitt's Creek Star Annie Murphy on Her Emmy Nom and How Alexis Is Winning Quarantine

Schitt’s Creek is already doing very well at the Emmys this year with 15 nominations, including acting nods in the comedy category for Eugene Levy in Lead Actor, Catherine O’Hara in Lead Actress, Dan Levy in Supporting Actor, and Murphy in Supporting Actress. The entire Rose family could potentially walk away with Emmys this year. 

For Murphy, Emmy nom morning was “a grab bag of everything” when it came to sharing the excitement with her castmates. There were calls, texts, FaceTiming, and just a general amount of freaking out. 

“What’s so great is that it’s not just the actors getting nominated,” she said, pointing out noms for writing, hair, makeup, costumes, and more. “There have been so many incredibly talented people working so hard on the show for six years, and just to have them nominated too makes it so much more special.” 

It’s truly the ultimate way to go out. 

“Honestly, starting out in season one with just this little show on CBC and all of us having the best time—I don’t think anyone could have anticipated where things would end up, so it feels pretty darn good.”