Mrs Hinch fans often post cleaning tips and tricks onto their dedicated Facebook pages. One Mrs Hinch fan shared onto the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips how she managed to remove unwanted hair and dust from her carpets that a hoover couldn’t pick up. She explained how she used a 59p product to achieve the amazing results.

The cleaning fan replied: “Definitely, I also use it on my headboard and sofa bed.”

Other people explained how they use it on their rug because their hoovers don’t seem to pick up all of the hair that becomes stuck to it.

Another Mrs Hinch fan shared how she used a 59p squeegee to remove hair and much from her carpets.

Squeegees can be picked up from anywhere including Wilko, Poundland and any supermarket.

Hair can also often get stuck in the hoover meaning it needs cleaning out often and if it doesn’t this can cause the hoover to become less efficient.

The cleaning fan continued: “My carpet now looks brand new again! If you haven’t tried it do it!”

Fans of the hack expressed how they love this hack and even though it takes a little bit more work than hoovering does, the results are amazing and totally worth the extra time.

Hoovers often only pick up the top layer of dirt on a carpet and do not get into the hair that can become embedded into it.

One person said: “I do this every week now. Amazing how much hair and dust comes up. Only thing is my squeegee doesn’t last long.”



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