Brielle Biermann’s Fans Troll Her About Taking Ex Michael Kopech Back After Filing For Divorce From Pregnant Riverdale Actress Vanessa Morgan

Now that her ex-boyfriend is getting a divorce, fans think they should be getting back together! As you might have heard, amid Vanessa Morgan’s pregnancy news, it was also revealed that Michael Kopech filed for divorce!

With that being said, some of Brielle Biermann’s followers are begging the reality TV star to take him back now that he is separated from the pregnant Riverdale actress.

Their romance came to an end in 2018 and it was a rather ugly breakup but regardless, some people on social media still ship them and would love to see the couple reuniting!

At the time, Brielle claimed that Michael was, yet again, the one to end things, saying that he wanted to press pause on what they had in order to try things out with other women.

And try he did because, as you know, he got married soon after and now is getting divorced in equally record time!

So he is back on the market, the only difference being that he is now expecting a baby boy with his estranged wife and Riverdale actress Vanessa Morgan.

The divorce comes only five months after the two tied the knot.

And yet, all things considered, there are still people who think he’s good for the Don’t Be Tardy star!

Of course, judging by the comments left under Brielle Biermann’s latest post, some were being serious about it while others were just trolling the 23 year old.

The photo she posted shows Brielle posing in her SUV, the caption reading that she was ‘looking for [her] shotgun rider.’

Well, people have someone in mind for that!

Here are some of the comments about Michael that she got: ‘Michael? He needs guidance. He should have known better than to get married so soon to her. Take the poor boy back.’ / ‘Yo go get Mikey Back!’ / ‘I hear Mike Kopech is available…’ / ‘Lol at kopech regretting leaving u rn.’ / ‘ Go pick up Michael. He divorced.’ / ‘Kopech is single now. You can be step momma.’


Meanwhile, there was also someone who stressed: ‘@briellebiermann so happy for you that you dodged that curveball!!!!’

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