The Chase fans left 'devastated' as Anne Hegerty narrowly misses out on historic win

Both Anne and the four contestants on tonight’s The Chase appeared to be in fine form. Players Jeremy, Anne, Sarah and Sandeep all managed to make it back to the Final Chase with cash to add to the prize fund of £12,000, with the exception of final player Sandeep who opted for the negative offer of -£4,000. Nevertheless, they teamed up to earn a formidable target of 23 in the Final Chase, a feat even ITV quiz show regular Anne knew was daunting.

The team earnt raucous applause from Bradley and the studio audience after racking up the impressive 23 steps in the Final Chase.

When Anne approached the table for her turn, she too acknowledged the achievement.

The Governess revealed that in the UK Chase, 23 was a tagret that hadn’t been caught in “five years”.

Despite the uphill battle, Anne was determined not to see the prize fund go lightly.

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Anne rattled through the first dozen or so questions and looked set to send the team home empty-handed.

However, she wasn’t prepared for the contestants’ ability to pounce on her mistakes.

Anne only slipped up four times in the final round, but the likes of Jeremy, Anne, Sarah and Sandeep managed to capitalise on three answers.

By the time the two minutes were up, it became clear Anne would’ve caught the team had they not secured the push backs.

This meant the four contestants went home with their share of £12,000, despite Anne’s valiant effort.

Bradley mentioned: “That was a massive target, four attempts at pushbacks and three executed, and the Chaser needed the three!

“So that was so close,” Bradley added, before turning his attention to Anne.

Pointing at the Chaser, Bradley said: “Really well-played. Extraordinary.”

And a fourth couldn’t resist a swipe at Sandeep for taking the lower offer: “Unlucky Anne, you almost managed to deprive Sandeep of his winnings. #TheChase.”

In fact, Sandeep’s tactic earnt quite the reaction from viewers who were left furious by the move.

One suggested: “Sandeep is a shameless minus offer taker. He should split his prize money between the other three then write them IOUs for £1,500 each. #TheChase

While a second added: “Sandeep should give his share to charity #TheChase.”

The Chase continues every weekday at 5pm on ITV.