Red Dead Online patch notes for Red Dead Redemption 2 Naturalist update

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 UPDATE – UPDATE TWO: The full Red Dead Online patch notes have been shared by Rockstar Games and you find important highlights listed at the bottom of this article.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 patch notes detail the new Naturalist Specialist Role as well as seven new Legendary Animal species for RDR2 Online.

You can also read the Red Dead Online summer patch notes in full by clicking here and here.

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 UPDATE – UPDATE ONE: The Red Dead Online summer update is out now and available on all platforms.

The RDR2 download has a file size of 5GB on PS4, 4.69GB on the Xbox One and 5.06GB on PCs.

Red Dead Redemption 2 summer update patch notes haven’t been revealed by Rockstar Games yet, but you can check out early patch notes for the RDR2 download below.

ORIGINAL: A new Red Dead Redemption 2 update is being released today across all platforms, bringing fresh new content to the game.

Red Dead Online patch notes have not been shared yet but the development team have been pretty clear about what’s being worked on, via early patch news.

Players have been waiting a long time for such a thing to happen and there have even been in-server protests against the lack of changes and communication being made.

The good news is that Rockstar Games has confirmed a lot regarding what they have planned for today on PS4, Xbox One and PC and they have also hinted at more coming in the weeks ahead.

This includes new community features, and ideas taken from the fans filling servers.

This looks to be part of a series of smaller updates that we don’t know much about right now but could be listed in the official Red Dead Online patch notes coming later today.

“Thanks to your submissions via our official feedback channels, we have added a number of highly requested features across recent updates – including musical instruments in Red Dead Online, the ability to run all businesses via the Master Control Terminal in GTA Online and more,” a message from Rockstar Games explains.

“More of your suggestions will find their way into our games in the next few weeks, so please keep the feedback coming by sending us your thoughts via the GTA Online and Red Dead Online feedback pages.”

We also know that Rockstar wants to keep servers free from cheaters but it doesn’t sound like any new changes are being made as part of the July 28 patch.

“We are committed to ensuring that our games are fun for everyone and as safe as possible from modders, cheaters, hackers and those who seek to harass other players,” Rockstar adds.

“So far this year, we have taken action on hundreds of thousands of players caught violating community rules across both games.

“Please help us keep our communities safe and fun by reporting any sort of cheating either directly in-game or via our dedicated web reporting tools for both Red Dead Online and GTA Online.”

When it comes to changes that have been confirmed, Rockstar Games is planning on expanding a number of existing features. A new Frontier Pursuit is being introduced to Red Dead Online, allowing players to explore a Naturalism role.

This is likely to be the rumoured Trapper, role although we won’t know for sure until the official patch notes are shared. A fresh Outlaw Pass will be going live, with plenty of other changes being teased for the coming weeks and months.

A message from Rockstar Games covering the new GTA Online and Red Dead Online Summer updates, adds:

“With both games playing home to more players than ever before in recent months, we know the community has been awaiting news of any updates for GTA Online and Red Dead Online and we are happy to share that both games will receive exciting new updates in the weeks ahead.


  • Seven new Legendary Animal species, each with three different subspecies, have been added to Red Dead Online. Some subspecies can be found in the open world by purchasing maps from Harriet Davenport, while sightings of some rare subspecies may become available from Harriet as you progress through the Naturalist Role.

    • Cougar

    • Fox

    • Boar

    • Beaver

    • Wolf

    • Bison

    • Elk

  • Both Harriet Davenport and Gus Macmillan have set up stores in several locations across the world of Red Dead Online. Visit Harriet’s Naturalist Store to progress the Naturalist Role, purchase special tonics, and hear about unique missions to participate in. Alternatively, drop by Gus’ Store with animal provisions to craft new clothing items, trinkets and more.

  • New missions to rescue animals from Poachers have been added to Red Dead Online. These can be started by talking to Harriet Davenport, and may appear dynamically throughout the world once you progress through the Naturalist Role.

  • The Wilderness Camp has been added to Red Dead Online, unlocked by progressing through the Naturalist Role. This allows players to create a temporary campfire at a nearby location in the open world, with the ability for up to four players to sit, cook, craft and rest.

  • The Wheeler Rawson and Co. Club is available. Club membership is automatic and free, giving players rewards as they play during the Membership period from July 28th through October 19th, 2020.

  • The Outlaw Pass No. 3 is available through the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue for even more perks and rewards. Everything you unlock during the Membership period from July 28th through October 19th, 2020 and acquire during that period will stay with you permanently. Visit the Benefits section of the Pause menu for details on Reward and Offer availability.

  • New items and variations of Clothing and Outfits have been added for male and female characters in Red Dead Online. These can be purchased from various places, including the stores of Gus Macmillan, Madam Nazar, General Stores and the Handheld Catalogue.

  • Several new Tonics have been added to Red Dead Online, which can be unlocked and purchased at Harriet’s Naturalist Store by progressing through the Naturalist Role. These allow the player to control their weight loss and gain, increase resistance against weather effects and more.

  • The Advanced Camera has been added to Red Dead Online, purchasable from General Stores or the Handheld Catalogue. As well as improved manoeuvrability and the ability to use filters, it can be used to identify animals in the Animal Field Guide. Additional filters can be unlocked through Outlaw Pass rewards.

  • One new Hairstyle each has been added for male and female characters in Red Dead Online, as well as the addition of new Hair Accessories for female characters. These can be purchased and applied through any Barber.

    • Uncombed Balding (Male)

    • Tangled Locks (Female)

  • Four new Camp Flags, one new Cripps Outfit and one new breed of Camp Dog have been added to Red Dead Online and can be unlocked through various means. Once unlocked, these can be purchased from the Wilderness Outfitters at your Camp.

PlayStation 4 Early Access Content:

Balancing and Improvements in Red Dead OnlineAccessibility Improvements

Gameplay Improvements

  • ‘Buy Max’ and ‘Buy Max Carried’ options have been added to several consumable items in Shop Menus and the Catalogue for quicker purchases. The ‘Buy Max Carried’ option only considers held inventory space and not postbox space to prevent large accidental purchases.

  • Cooked Meat is now displayed in the Provisions section of the Item Wheel for quicker access

Matchmaking Improvements

  • Matchmaking improvements have been made, reducing wait times and the chance of empty Showdown Mode lobbies after selecting a Showdown Playlist from the Landing Page. If no suitable matches are found, you may load into a Red Dead Online session while Showdown Mode matchmaking continues in the background.

  • The system for Showdown Mode teams has been improved, making it more likely for Posse Members, Parties and Friends to be placed on the same team. In extreme cases, some group members may be placed on the opposite team to make sure teams are balanced and gameplay is fair for all.

  • Continued improvements have been made to network error handling when dealing with poor connections between players, which should eliminate or reduce the frequency of these errors: 0x20010004, 0x20001006, 0x40003002, 0x54553100, 0x99300027

Role Improvements

Improvements – Story Mode

Daily Challenge Balancing

Economy Balancing

Red Dead Online FixesMatchmaking & Networking

  • Fixed several issues that resulted in players getting stuck on loading screens during transitions between Red Dead Online content

  • Fixed several network issues that should reduce the chance of encountering disconnects and poor matchmaking

  • Fixed an issue that caused an infinite loading screen when accepting an invite from another player while the player did not have access to online services due to profile restrictions

  • Fixed an issue with network synchronization when members of the ambient population are attacked or killed by wild animals

  • Fixed issues that may have caused some Posse members to not automatically be pulled into jobs/events triggered by the Posse leader