Mark Labbett: The Chase star sparks frenzy with weight loss update in rare selfie

The Chase quizzer Mark Labbett, 54, showcased his incredible weight loss as he sported trousers which were no longer his size and a shirt on Twitter today. The Beast star was swiftly inundated with comments from his fans within minutes of posting the snap.

Mark proudly shared the tweet in view of his 127,000 followers this evening.

He wrote: “Lost a bit of waistline, still a long way to go 🙂 #skinnybeast #doubletwoshirts.”

Many of his followers swiftly praised the quizzer for his determination and new appearance.

One user wrote: “Well done, you look fab!

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“I’ve lost just over 4 stone since January, have a hell of a way to go yet but feel much better in myself! More power to you!”

A second commented: “Well done Mark. It’s not easy trying to lose weight as I’m finding out but worth it in the end.”

A third added: “Looked great before, but really pleased for you… Its all about health… Good on ya!”

Mark spoke out about his ideal size in an exclusive interview with earlier this year.

Despite the jungle being a good place to shed the pounds, Mark joked he thinks cannibalism would be on the cards due to the lack of food in camp.

“The problem is when people ask me this, I say listen after three weeks in the jungle, cannibalism is on the cards.

“My dad was a butcher in the meat trade, I know how to butcher a carcass, so somebody better not annoy me in the jungle, especially if they muck up a food challenge!”

He then laughed off being the camp’s chef, as he joked: “No one would trust me with the food!”