Ed Sheeran Says His "Addictive Personality" Led to Struggle With Binge Eating and Drinking

Looking back on his “addictive personality” and life on the road, Ed Sheeran has lessons to share 

In an interview for the Hay House Chasing the Present Summit, the Grammy-winning “Shape of You” singer reflected the unhealthy lifestyle that resulted in what he called the “lowest I’ve ever been.”

That time was in 2015, the year he spent on the road as part of his x World Tour. “For me, it was down to like bad diet, drinking and then not seeing sunlight at all, so I was touring…Oh, and I wasn’t exercising,” the performer recalled. “I would stay up and drink all night…The buses would park underneath arenas and I’d sleep on the bus all day and then wake up and then come out, do the show, drink, get back on the bus and I didn’t see sunlight for like maybe like four months.”

Sheeran continued, “It’s all fun and games at the start and it’s all rock and roll and it’s fun and then it starts getting like just sad…so, I think that was probably the lowest that I’ve been.”

He noted he also “ballooned in weight” and “just wasn’t healthy.”

When asked how he felt at the time, the star said, “I guess I kind of felt, ‘Was it all…What was the point?’…Actually, I guess in a dark way, you’re kind of like, ‘Why am I around? Like what is the point?'”

source: eonline.com