Garden deals: Furniture and plant offers to transform your garden this Summer

Summer is the perfect time of the year to spend lots of time in the garden and enjoy the outside. Garden furniture and plants can be very expensive, especially when bought at garden centres and when buying lots of items at once. LivingSocial has listed their new garden deals which includes the popular Egg Chair that a variety of retailers are now selling.

The deal includes an assortment of bulbs including dahlias, gladioli and lily bulbs.

If you want to pick your own assortment of flowers, then the Mixed Tray of 8 Hardy Plants is perfect for rockeries, beds, borders and containers.

Each tray includes eight plants to help brighten up your garden and there are six different varieties to choose from.

These retail at £30.98 and will flourish every year when looked after correctly.

It is easy to take care off needing small amounts of water and is perfect for keeping in sunlight on a windowsill.

The Solar Powered Water Pump Fountain is suitable for those with a pond or those wanting to add a water feature to their gardens.

It costs just £9.99 reduced from £29.99 and costs upwards of £50 in certain garden centres.

It also makes a great feature for those who already have ponds or a water area in their garden.