The Walking Dead: Why was Andrew Lincoln nearly replaced as Rick Grimes?

He went on to say about shooting the scene where Rick walks into a zombie-decimated Atlanta on horseback: “It was just one of the most insane [experiences].

“I remember shooting when I came into Atlanta. What you saw on screen – [the crew] set dressed three, four blocks, shut down with all of the hummers turned over, the helicopters.

“It was the most wild weekend of my filming career. It was amazing.”

Lincoln said Rick’s key motivation in life was his family and he was an “ordinary man”.

The actor said one of the things which drew him to the role was Rick’s everyday nature and not being a “superhero”.

“I didn’t want him to be this impenetrable kind of man with no name. He’s a man driven by looking after his closest and dearest.

“So, he is honourable but there are no clear-cut decisions in this world, and I think that’s going to have a great deal of effect on him.”

He added: “One of the most exciting things and one of the most satisfying things is the potential of him is he changes drastically over time and he can’t keep coming up with the goods.”

Lincoln said the “emotional and psychological pressure” of the situation took its toll on Rick – as fans saw over the years.

The Walking Dead season 10 will return to AMC and FOX UK later in 2020