Stage Designer’s Lawsuit Against Drake Is Dismissed By The Judge

Hot New Hip Hop said today that the Toronto recording artist, Drake, managed to win his court battle with a stage designer. In case you missed it, a stage designer sued Drake for a $108,000 but the case has since been closed.

The Blast was the first to report that the company, Sila Sveta, abandoned their case against the Canadian singer. Reportedly, the designer said he had been hired to design a 3D stage for Drake and Migos amid their Aubrey and The Three Amigos tour in 2018.

Hot New Hip Hop says the stage for the tour was very elaborate and featured large screens. The outlet described it as “pretty extravagant.” The design company, however, claims they had asked for a $108,000 payment which they never received.

Reportedly, Sila Sveta claimed that on account of several date postponements of the tour, the team had to work more hours than what they planned. Drake and his team argued that the company had been paid in full.

It’s unclear if the matter was settled out of court, but regardless, it looks like Drake can take a sigh of relief because he no longer has to worry about it. The recording artist has been in the headlines for other reasons as of late, including a trip to Barbados.

As it was previously reported, Drake was in the Barbadian islands to visit Rihanna’s brother. Fans on social media poked fun at him, arguing that he must’ve gone to Barbados to find Rihanna, his former flame.

Moreover, fans on social media had a field day with the tattoos on his back which were revealed in full in the news media. Fans joked that the rapper’s back tattoos looked like a Zoom meeting, due to all of the randomly placed head tattoos on his upper body.


Social media users argued there was nothing wrong with the tattoos, per se, it was just the placement of them that needed a bit of work and better planning. Earlier this year, the rapper Russ also spoke on the possibility of Drake leaving streaming platforms and the effect it would have on the music industry.

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