Ghost of Tsushima is the Game of the Generation

zumlauf143m ago

Big no. In the articlr the authot admits the game had an “uninteresting story”. And, that it does everything we’ve come to see from this gen with open world games. Then, they go onto say that they executed all of those mechanics better than anyone. Specifically how there’s a lack of clutter on the screen with the blowing wind mechanic and you have a sense of freedom unrivaled. Rdr2 easily beats this game when it comes to lack of clutter when exploring. Let alone the exploration being much more rewarding and WAY more varied(strangers, a plethora of random events, shooting contests, races etc). Ghosts exploration isn’t as varied or exciting. After the first fox, you seen them all.After the first shrine(after the typical auto-target horizon like platforming sequence) you’ve seen them all. The Witcher 3 beats ghost in every open world department. You can argue ghost had better combat..but that’s it. Rdr2 and TW3 as open world games alone beat ghost. Reviews would support this. Open world games aside – I would place GOW, TW3, Bloodborne, Tlou2( unless you’re one the other side of the divide ). Ghost is being praised in the wrong departments. Its open world mimicks everything that we’ve all called for to finally die. Generic/repetetive outpost liberations, watch towers. Fetch quests that don’t differ from the main stories repetetive mission structure etc.. This world does NOT feel alive. The npc’s are emotionless. They all have the same awkward animations. They don’t react to the world/weather changes. Most of them don’t achnowledge you. The AI is embarrasingly similar to AC. Theres about 5 species of land animals. Some that give you no recources(deer i.e). Pacing is attrocious as a result of the constant cutscene interuption WITHIN gameplay. There’s a cutscene every 5 seconds when within a mission as if sucker punch didnt have animators for the simplest of interactions. Wanna get on your horse? CUTSCENE. Wanna get into the back of a carriage? CUTSCENE. Wanna speak with someone? CUTSCENE. Wanna crouch behind a downed tree? CUTSCENE. These are all cutscene senarios ive encountered IN MISSION COUNTLESS TIMES. They’re not proper cutscenes. They are fade to blacks to HIDE the lack of an animation with that interaction it is fast forwarding. This is a first party AAA dev. The animations and lack there of are last gen. Every settlement is THE SAME. Same lifeless npc’s doing the same animations. Empty homes that only consist of the same supplies and the same architecture. I can honestly go on and on. There’s a reason this only scored sm 83. That’s your average sucker punch rating with there past 4 games. It’a honestly generous. I have a hard time playing this game for more than hour at a time. It’s the same fox/shrine/haiku/bamboo OVER AND OVER. Even the duels have the SAME INTRO CUTSCENE everytime. There is no variety in any aspect of this game.