Fear The Walking Dead season 6 release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is new series out?

The global health crisis may have shaken up film and television production drastically this year. But Fear The Walking Dead will finally be coming back to screens for season six. Express.co.uk has the lowdown on the forthcoming run of the horror series.

When will Fear The Walking Dead season 6 be released?

US network AMC has confirmed a release date for Fear The Walking Dead season six with the show making a comeback on October 11.

The show fills the slot of its parent series The Walking Dead which usually occupies the fall schedule.

Fear The Walking, in contrast, airs when the original drama is off-air, almost like a lite version.

Seasons of Fear The Walking Dead usually air weekly in one go without any midseason hiatus but it’s not clear whether the format could be switched up this year due to COVID-19.

Fear The Walking Dead airs on BT TV channel AMC in the UK with the series being screened close to US broadcast as possible.

So, season six is likely to be airing close to October 11 in the UK and means fans may not have to be waiting long.

The news of the season six release date came at [email protected] today (July 24), along with a short teaser for fans to enjoy.

There was also panel with some of the main cast of Fear The Walking Dead to talk about the show.

Who is in the cast of Fear The Walking Dead season 6?

The main ensemble cast will all be reprsing their roles by the looks of it with Walking Dead alumni Lennie James leading as Morgan Jones.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as original Fear The Walking Dead member Alicia Clarke.

Also, Lost and Taken’s Maggie Grace will be back as journalist Althea and Jenna Elfman is coming back as June.

While Colman Domingo will be assuming the mantle of Victor Strand once more. 

There are also likely to be more cast members thrown into the mix as the story expands out.

What will happen in Fear The Walking Dead season 6?

The series will be picking up right off the bat with Morgan heavily bleeding and in a bad way.

From the [email protected] trailer, there will also be new foes for the survivors to take on.

Fans can also expect further danger as it looks like Victor and Alicia have been taken hostage with their wrists bound.

Another layer of danger comes as June appears to be administering CPR on someone off-camera.

source: express.co.uk