Wynonna Earp's Melanie Scrofano Talks Long-Awaited Season 4: "More Wynonna-y Than Ever"

E!: Walk me through the experience of getting six episodes in and then having to stop due to the pandemic. 

MS: Yeah, well, I was the only one out of everyone who [knew what was happening]—because I didn’t have my phone. We were actually meant to go on hiatus, and I had forgotten my phone at home, so on the Friday before hiatus, everyone was on their phones, and I was like, guys, get off your phone, we’re at work. And Tim was like, “Mel, what if we don’t come back in a week?” And I’m like, “we’re coming back, like what are you talking about?” And then I go home, and literally that Monday was lock down, and I was like, “oh my God, I don’t think we’re going back in a week.” 

Then a week turned into a month turned into four months, and listen, that was actually scarier than the fight for Wynonna. I was like, oh, I don’t know that we’re finishing this show, and then I panicked. 

source: eonline.com

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