Amazon users warned about Music Key scam that could leave them paying a terrible price

“The best way to ensure that you do not respond to a false or phishing e-mail is to always go directly to your account on Amazon to review or make any changes to your orders or your account. Customers can access their account by visiting and clicking on the ‘Your account’ link in the top right hand corner of any page.

“We would ask any customer who believes that they have received a false or phishing email to alert us via our [email protected] e-mail address. For more information including a video to help you identify whether an email is from Amazon, please visit”

Amazon customers were also advised to head to official help pages which offer guidance on how to identify a real Amazon correspondence and how to report a scam.

As the scam messages were sent out Amazon customers took to Twitter to report receiving the MusicKey message and to advise others to beware.

One tweeted: “@AmazonHelp Where would you like me to send a phishing email I’ve received about Amazon Music Key? I’ve never heard of it, let alone subscribed to it.”