Why the experts behind Adele’s seven stone weight loss recommend this super spice

“If you haven’t got to grips with fresh root turmeric yet now is the time to give it a go,” they wrote. 

“We’re not knocking the powdered version that we all know and love, but there’s nothing quite like using the fresh root.”

The nutritionists posted a recipe for a turmeric latte, created by The Turmeric Co which sells ready-made shots of the super spice. 

The experts use a lot of turmeric in their recipes, and shared their signature salmon dish in a previous post with the full recipe. 

“This recipe, for Turmeric-baked salmon with spicy celery, taken from our recipe book, is a really neat way to get your daily fix of turmeric, simply by using it as a rub for the salmon,” they wrote. 

source: express.co.uk