Ivanka Trump brutally savaged over 'tone deaf' initiative amid COVID-19 crisis

Donald Trump’s daughter started the new campaign ‘Find Something New’ which aims to help unemployed Americans find new careers. The initiative launched on Tuesday with a virtual roundtable and a reveal of one of the video advertisements.

But the advertisement has sent social media users into meltdown as they claim the campaign is “tone deaf”.

One user reacted: “‘Find Something New’ during a pandemic induced economic collapse with record unemployment may just be even more tone deaf than the iconic ‘Be Best’.”

While another user from Chicago wrote: “I was doing something new and I was finally able to follow my dreams.

“I became a makeup artist. You told us to stay home, our states went on lockdown.

“My job got hit the worst because it was prom, graduation and wedding season. I had to cancel all of my clients.”

One user also said: “Do you honestly think Americans are not looking for other jobs to support their families?”

The virtual roundtable was hosted at the White House featuring Ivanka Trump and business leaders including Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Ms Trump posted the video advertisement on her Twitter account to promote the new initiative.

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“But that is also an opportunity to be put on for a new trajectory for themselves and their lives and we want to facilitate that connection back to the workforce and make it as smooth as possible.”

The economic hit to America was triggered by residents being urged to stay home amid the coronavirus crisis.

A record 20.5 million people lost their jobs in April which is the steepest and most sudden decline to date according to CNN.

Lockdown started to ease in May and June as the US employers brought back millions of workers.

But the American economy is still down nearly 15 million jobs since February.

More than one million people file for first-time unemployment benefits each week in the US.

Ms Trump responded to one social media critic on Twitter.

She wrote: “I suggest that you visit FindSomethingNew.org.

“This initiative is about challenging the idea the traditional 2 and 4 yr college is the only option to acquire the skills needed to secure a job.

“This work has never been more urgent.”

source: express.co.uk