Halo 3 is the best PC port in the Master Chief Collection so far

I didn’t really need to play another mission in the Halo 3 campaign today before I started writing about this port, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m just being thorough, I said to myself. A blatant lie—I really just wanted to play more Halo.

It’s been a pleasure seeing each game in the Halo series arrive on PC, running at higher resolutions and framerates than ever before. But Halo 3 is the best of them, the one with the multiplayer that many Halo fans have been waiting for. It’s the one that really needed to be great, because we’d feel the pain of Halo Reach’s audio issues, or Halo 2’s multiplayer bugs, that much more keenly in the most beloved game in the series. Thankfully, Halo 3’s PC port, its first time on PC in its 13-year history, is great. It’s the best-feeling, best-looking game in the collection so far.

source: gamezpot.com