Original Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Brothers Sells For Over $110,000

On Friday, Super Mario Brothers, the original version for the Nintendo Entertainment System, became the highest-selling video game of all time when it clocked in around $114,000. The game, still wrapped in its original plastic, was purchased by an undisclosed bidder at a Heritage Auctions’ Event.

Video game enthusiasts know that Super Mario Brothers is arguably the most iconic game of all time, spawning a litany of games, sequels, merchandise, and other media, that have lasted decades. Nintendo still produces different games in the franchise today, many of which are best-sellers.

Rolling Stone reported today that the auction bidding beat out the previous record of $100,000, also held by a Super Mario Brothers game in its original sealing.

Valarie McLeckie, the Video Games Director for Heritage Auctions, claimed the value was very high, and if any game would secure such a price, it would be Super Mario Brothers. Valarie added that everyone there knew the bidding would be strong, but no one expected it to reach $100,000+.

In addition to being in perfect condition, the fresh copy of Super Mario Brothers came with “hang tabs,” a short-lived form of the game’s packaging. According to Heritage Auctions, the game got such a high price on account of not only the game’s legacy but also its packaging.

Nintendo featured hang tabs on their games for a short amount of time, shortly before they switched to using shrink-wrap to seal the games rather than stickers. This Friday, Nintendo games and products earned the auctioneers around $700,000.

Other games to go for a high price included Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, which went for $50,000, as well as another copy of Super Mario Brothers, although the third installment of the franchise, Super Mario Brothers 3. It was a rare, first-pressing, version of the game with the word “Bros” printed on the left side of the front cover.


Rolling Stone says that only around 10 of them exist on the planet today. It sold for $38, 000.

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source: celebrityinsider.org