Nairobi’s fate was up in the air at the start of Money Heist season four as she was shot by a sniper in the third series of La Casa De Papel. Fortunately, she was saved by Tokyo (played by Ursula Corbero) who performed surgery on Nairobi and was on track to recover. However, as she built up her energy she was caught by Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga) who held her as a hostage before shooting her in the head.

Both viewers and the gang were devastated by her death as many had hoped she would reunite with her son Axel.

In the episode she died, it was revealed Nairobi had made plans for The Professor (Alvaro Morte) to father another baby.

Unfortunately her plans to have more children were dashed when Nairobi was killed.

Speaking about her character, it’s clear Alba wanted to see more from her character.

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“What I like about Nairobi is the way she knows how to handle the work – the money making – with the people in the bank [the band who printed the money and melted the gold in Seasons one, two and three],” Alba explained.

“When and how she developed her leadership on the show.

“However, I wish she had more self-confidence and more faith in herself.

“That’s maybe the one thing I felt she really lacked and the one thing I disliked about her.”

Alba continued: “Because if she did, and if the plan of the heist was in her hands, it would’ve been even more successful.

“And that again goes back to the way she knows how to handle things, people and situations.”

Nairobi worked alongside Berlin (Pedro Alonso) for the first heist as she headed up the money making side of the robbery.

For the second heist, she was given control of melting the gold so played a vital role in both heists.

“Not to mention that it’s pretty much a friendly romance between a man and a woman, without any sexual intercourse.

“We can also see how things are, to some extent, up and down between them as Nairobi starts distancing herself a bit due to the newly founded sexual relationship between Helsinki and Palermo in season three.”

Palermo was on hand to comfort Helsinki after Nairobi’s death – will they both survive the heist?

Money Heist season 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now



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