Chris Evans reacts to surprising Lewis Hamilton news: 'It's had a similar effect on me'

Virgin Radio breakfast show host Chris Evans, 54, stunned his co-stars after realising he shared a surprising connection with F1 racer Lewis Hamilton’s dog. Lewis and his bulldog named Roscoe, made headlines last week when he announced his four-legged friend’s new diet, something Chris knows all about.

“Lewis Hamilton’s dog has gone vegan!” Chris announced, reading the headlines.

“And he’s loving it!”

The news came as a shock to some people who took to social media to share their “concerns” about his diet change and others who praised the initiative.

Chris made his own little joke by mocking the fact Roscoe didn’t have a choice in the matter.

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“It’s has a similar effect on me,” he explained, as the radio DJ knows all too well about living a vegan lifestyle.

“It was our fourth anniversary as a family going vegan on 1 July,” he told listeners, and then noted some difference in his own health that could be down to his diet.

He noticed his hayfever had disappeared and hoped that it was down to his new life-style, sharing the same relief Roscoe is said to have.

But he admitted he is suffering with neck pain.