Check Out David Schwimmer's Best Roles Ahead of His New Peacock Show, Intelligence


As one of the most iconic sitcom actors of all time thanks to his role as Ross Gellar on Friends, there is no doubt that you’ve seen at least one David Schwimmer performance that has brought a smile to your face.

However, while playing Rachel’s affable love interest may be our personal favorite, the actor has also played many roles showcasing his range that are also proof of how talented the performer is.

Whether it’s his memorable guest star roles, like an environmentally conscious jerk on 30 Rock,, or his compelling roles like the late, famed lawyer Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, Schwimmer’s talents have allowed him to embody a wide range of amazing parts.

The best part is that the actor will be found in the new Peacock original series Intelligence, which will be available to stream once the service launches on July 15.

In the workplace comedy, Schwimmer will be playing NSA agent Jerry Bernstein who joins a UK cyber-security team and threatens their ability to get the job done with his pompous attitude.