Zac Efron has always been quite the sex symbol but his newest look is getting him more love than ever! The actor’s Down to Earth docuseries has just premiered on Netflix and fans are super into his muscles and wild beard to the point that he’s been called a ‘daddy’ by the whole of the internet at this point!

After all, he’s pretty much grown up on camera and as years go by, it seems like he’s aging like good wine.

Fans just can’t believe this is the same person who played Troy Bolton in the High Scholl Musical movies!

Zac Efron gave up his clean and proper image for some rugged good looks in the docuseries and it’s safe to say that the thick long beard and thick muscles really suit him.

His new style also fits the theme of the Netflix show since the actor is a travel host who ‘journeys around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien and explores healthy, sustainable ways to live,’ as per the official synopsis.

It would just be out of place if he was all clean shaven and clothed in expensive suits as well as unmanageable while on the road and in the wild.

Either way, his rugged appearance has earned him the ‘daddy’ title on social media!

Check out a few comments on his appearance: ‘Zac Efron is a daddy now? 2020 is a wild f**king ride.’ / ‘no way this is zac efron.’ / ‘A bearded Zac Efron doing stuff while sometimes shirtless? I’m sold.’

The star has actually been working really hard to achieve his current body as in the trailer, he actually mentions he would start ‘eating carbs again.’


Furthermore, his trainer, Patrick Murphy, previously shared that Zac only had 5 percent of body fat after training really hard a couple of years ago for his role in Baywatch.

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