Price: $59.99
(as of Jul 12,2020 01:40:26 UTC – Details)

X-Plane 10 is the latest version of a nearly 20 year series of high realistic simulators. At its core is a virtual wind tunnel that creates the most realistic flight modeling available on a desktop. As all versions before it is an incredible flexible and extendable simulator. With thousands of compatible add-on`s there is no kind of flying craft that is not simulated and a whole world to explore.

X-Plane 10 features a totally new scenery engine for all three platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) that include a uniform lighting system that lights a ‘plausible world’. This plausible world is a new style of virtual landscape that revolutionizes simulation. Created from many real world databases you will see almost all roads and build up areas exactly as they are around you.

Includes 30 aircraft, from gliders to the Space Shuttle
Online flying with other virtual pilots
Air Traffic Control actually controls the other aircraft around you
Detailed terrain for the whole world including very accurate altitude data


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