By January, Mr. Brooks said, “These outings felt more like dates. They no longer just felt friendly. They felt like more than that.”

Ms. Seok remembers the moment when their relationship took a romantic turn. “There was one Saturday where we were going to spend an afternoon together, going on a hike at the Presidio, but ended up spending the whole day together,” she said. “Dinner, then a movie — ‘Mad Max 2’ — and at the end of the night, he asked if I could be his girlfriend. We had a second kiss then.”

In 2016, he was accepted into the M.B.A. program at Northwestern, and the couple broke up. “We weren’t ready for long distance,” she said.

But before he could leave for grad school, he tore an anterior cruciate ligament while playing soccer, and found himself bedridden after surgery. He deferred business school for a year, and Ms. Seok took time off from work to help him mend.

“She made my convalescence much more positive that it otherwise would have been,” he said.

So the two reunited, and the following year, when he headed off to Chicago, she left for Philadelphia, to begin studying for an M.B.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. A few months before they each graduated, they were engaged.

On June 7, on a deck overlooking San Francisco Bay in Sausalito, Calif., they married. Albert L. Hong, a lifelong friend of the groom, officiated, having become a Universal Life minister for the event.



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