Virgil Abloh Announces $1 Million Scholarship Fund After Controversy

Virgil Abloh is one of the most sought after designers in the industry right now. After drawing criticism lately, the mogul is giving back.

Virgil took to Instagram to announce a $1 million scholarship fund and referenced the drama in his caption.

‘anyone that’s ever been in a meeting with me or a creative brainstorm or even a random iMessage chat knows that i’m forever fighting for the “17-year-old-version” of myself. ⁣what that specifically means is… all i want is for any young black kid to achieve a shorter path to their career goals, and if i can help with an open source approach to opening doors or messaging “how-i-did-it” along the whole way, then i’ve done my real job, not my actual job.⁣ i’m putting money, my resources, and my rolodex where my mouth is… just keeping it “Two Virgil’s” or more accurately “That many Virgil’s” in the slideshow above: i’ve started a scholarship fund for black students and raised $1 million so far, pre-announcement with the same manic creative brainstorm that got me here with the support of some of my collaborators and the @fashionscholarshipfund it’s called the Virgil Abloh™ “POST-MODERN” scholarship fund. ~ link in bio for more details. email me there.⁣ the goal is to make sure i’m not one of the few, but one of many in my industry…’

This comes after Virgil went viral after showing off that he donated $50 to protesters. Twitter collectively made $50 a unit of measure by creating a running joke that 100 was ‘keeping it two Virgils.’

Abloh defended himself by explaining that he’s been protesting fashion as a Black man in a hard industry to breakthrough in the first place. He reflected back on all the times he’s represented the culture in his projects.


Most recently, he received harsh criticism when the original Pop Smoke album cover was unveiled. Many felt that he didn’t put forward any effort.

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