Scientists have been unable to conclusively determine whether life after death exists. But there are people who claim to already know the answer, based on their astonishing and often bizarre near-death experiences (NDEs). One such person is George who claims to have met the almighty Creator nine years ago.

George claims to have met God in 2011 after he suffered a seizure but not clinical death.

He was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a grand mal seizure.

On the way to the hospital, George told the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) he had a profound vision.

He said: “I was smiling and happy with a blank look on my face on the ten minute ride to the hospital.

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“I could not recognize any people, I am not sure exactly about this but I think this happened on the way to the hospital.

“I am sure that this happened however. I was walking down a path of some sort and was walking with God.

“He/She was on my left. I was too scared to turn and look at God.”

At the time, George was certain he would turn to salt if he looked at the Creator.

But he is certain he could feel God’s presence behind him and he could even hear his voice.

People often have vivid memories of visting another dimension or out-of-body experiences.

Scientists have not yet figured out why NDE patients have these memories but there are some working theories.

One theory suggests the visions are a result of the brain releasing dimethyltryptamine when near death.

Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a naturally ocurring psychedelic drug that some believe our body produces.

A simpler theory proposes the brain experiences hallucinations when it is starved of oxygen.

The Manchester researchers wrote: “Currently, there is no definitive explanation for why near-death experiences happen.

“But ongoing research still strives to understand this enigmatic phenomenon.

“Whether paranormal or not, near-death experiences are extremely important.

“They provide meaning, hope, and purpose for many people, while offering an appreciation of the human desire to survive beyond death.”



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