Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were back on This Morning today helping another lucky viewer win an exciting cash prize or luxurious staycation. Phillip was outraged when he realised the bonus prize This Morning were offering to the caller and broke the show rules by spinning the competition wheel again. However, instead of apologising for the rule break, the ITV presenter revealed he would be taking a break from the show hinting bosses couldn’t scold his misbehaviour. 

In the usual fashion, Phillip announced the lucky viewer had won £500 after spinning the competition wheel. 

The This Morning bag of goodies then descended from the ceiling and Phillip went to investigate what special prize the viewer could expect. 

The goody bag contains a This Morning puzzle as well as a host of other branded gifts but the presenter was stunned at the ‘money can’t buy’ prize he found in the bag.

On Monday, the prize winner was treated to a bottle of Bacardi so they could make Alison Hammond’s cocktails.

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Holly announced: “We’ve just boosted you £1000,” before the caller thanked the pair. 

Instead of apologising for the rule break, Phillip cheekily revealed he would be taking a break from the show and therefore bosses couldn’t punish him. 

Justifying his actions, Phillip added: “We’re off for the summer on Friday, so they can’t sack me.”

“Mary congratulations it’s lovely talking to you,” Holly remarked. 

“Thank you so much and you two have a lovely day,” Mary cheerfully replied. 

“A box of rock salt, a box of rock salt,” Phillip repeated as he shook his head at the camera. 

“I know, that’s naughty,” his co-host commented. 

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.



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