Moon landing: How a NASA scientist exposed truth behind conspiracy 'You would never know'

On December 18, 2007, NASA was challenged to address the theory, putting to rest rumours of an alien base on the Moon.

A question posed to the NASA Lunar Science Institute read: “If this is not true that Armstrong saw alien base camps on Moon then why no NASA plans for a base station at Moon and there have been no moon missions for the past 20 years or so?”

The question was answered by Dr David Morrison, an astrophysicist who at the time served as the interim director for the institute, now the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute.

He said: “Although you would never know this from the distorted perspective of some groups that post crazy claims on the internet, there is no scientific evidence for UFOs or aliens, no aliens or alien artefacts were seen on the Apollo or any other human space missions, and such false claims are irrelevant to the space policy of the United States or NASA.